Eastbourne Borough Council ‘is neglecting and abandoning our seafront attractions,’ says campaigner Debbie Nicholls.

And she wants people to join the battle.

The latest blow is news that The Redoubt will stay closed this summer.

Here is Debbie: “Same old from the same old Council decision makers. The Redoubt is another example of why residents of Eastbourne need to stand together and hold the Council accountable about their serious neglect and abandonment of our seafront attractions.

I feel that despite so much opposition and the efforts to highlight all their shortcomings, that they still continue to try and fob us off.

For those that care, we MUST stand together and rally support when needed to attend in person any gatherings and council meetings whenever we can and show them that we are not simply going to go away.

Join the FRIENDS OF EASTBOURNE SEAFRONT FB page, for up to date info, meetings/gatherings.

In the meantime, we can all lobby the Council individually as well with our concerns, all contact details for all Councillors can be found on the EBC website.”

Click here for a full list https://democracy.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/mgMemberIndexGr..