Eastbourne Borough Council must save £6.5m.

That’s how much it needs to claw back after Lockdown.

Chief Execuitve Robert Cottrill said: “There is a £4m budget gap for 2022/23 still to be addressed through the Priority Based Budget process, which is after meeting the Recovery and Reset target savings of £2.5m.

“Overall, this means savings of £6.5m need to be achieved.”

On equality, he said: “A reduction to grants through the major grants fund would impact young people and men particularly, with wider potential impacts for people experiencing homelessness and support available to the voluntary sector.

A suspension of the Small Grants and Disability Inclusion Funds would impact disabled groups specifically with wider implication for protected groups who otherwise may have been eligible to apply.

“Proposals around public conveniences would have enhanced impacts for age and disability, with carers and pregnant people also potentially impacted.

Plans around ‘changing places’ may go some way towards mitigating this however only if they are open at times when the public conveniences are closed.”