Eastbourne Borough Council is refusing to say sorry after its ‘bully boy’ tactics at poor Shazza yesterday.

The council shamefully told her to quit yesterday after 29 years in the burger bar by B and Q in Hampden Park.

People power won and the council backed down within hours.

But apologise it will not.

Here’s the statement provided by their PR consultant Cobb PR: “We have been liaising with Sharon today and assured her that her business will be accommodated in the new Hampden Park Retail Scheme. As well as providing space, we will be working with Sharon to offer improved facilities for the running of her food stall.

As her concession lease at the retail park is handled by a third party, we have not had any direct contact with Sharon until now and it was an oversight that she was not provided with this offer earlier.

We look forward to the continuation of her business alongside the opening of the Costa as part of the exciting improvements coming to Hampden Park Retail Park.”