EASTBOURNE Borough Council has made serious allegations against striking binmen:

“Council staff who are not part of the strike action were stopped by the GMB Union from carrying out refuse collections today. We apologise to all our residents for the inconvenience this action has caused.Earlier today (31/12/21) a representative from the GMB Union stood in front of our refuse vehicles as they attempted to leave the depot. This act was dangerous, and we are taking legal advice to avoid any repeat of this reckless behaviour.

We are trying to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and will keep residents updated through the local media, on the council website and via social media channels.

The council’s senior management met with the GMB Union on the 22nd December and considered it a positive step forward, so it is deeply disappointing that they have taken this action today.

Residents should take their bins back in from the kerbside until their next scheduled collection day.

All additional side waste will also be removed during the next collection.”