AN Eastbourne car wash has today been ‘shut down and fined by police.’

The business, based at 192 Seaside, has been visited by officers.

Ben Saber said: “Today the police turned up to our car wash.

“They told us we have to close straight away under covid 19 lockdown rules and issued us with a on the spot £1000 fine.

“The police officer said we are not essential.

“What about Asda’s car wash?

“What about Next clothes shop?

“What about Game store?

“The police officer said was she wasn’t bothered about them and because of the complaints from the random general public she is only interested in us.

“I stated we are essential because we sanitise the inside of cars and clean taxis which still do school runs.

“We clean NHS cars and construction vans, all of which are still working.

“She showed me an online form and told me she didn’t care and I had to close.

“There are car washes open all around the UK and at least one more in Eastbourne.

“Why is it fair I have to shut and still pay my bills?”

We have asked police for a comment.