THE Eastbourne charity A Band of Brothers is looking for new young people to engage with.

It will be starting a new ‘Mentor Cycle’ on Monday.

It has limited spaces available to support young men involved in the criminal justice system (or in danger of becoming involved in the criminal justice system)

This may include drug addiction, homelessness, depression, self harm, anti-social behaviour etc.

Here’s what the charity has to say: “This support would involve meeting up with a volunteer mentor for one hour a week over a ten week period.

These meetings would create an opportunity for the young man to explore the story of his life and also to explore and implement any changes he may be wanting to make.

We are looking for young men who are …- aged between 18-25- ready and willing to engage in the programme- ready and willing to take steps toward meaningful change- based in the Eastbourne or Lewes areas.

All our mentors are volunteers from the Eastbourne/Lewes areas.

All our mentors are trained and DBS checked.

All our mentors receive supervision.

All our mentoring is undertaken safely and is fully compliant with current local Covid regulations.

Are you that young man? Do you know a young man that might be interested? Please ring 07967 093507 or email”