Eastbourne College is celebrating its highest ever number of GCSE grades achieved at grade 9, the highest grade, as pupils receive their results.

Almost one in four grades were awarded at grade 9 – equivalent to a high A* under the previous grading system – which is the school’s best ever performance by this measure.

The number of grades achieved at 7 – 9 was almost 65 per cent – up by ten per cent on grades achieved at this level in 2019, when exams were last sat. Almost half (44 per cent) of all grades achieved were 8 – 9, which is equal to the school’s performance in 2021 and up on its 2020 results.

It means the school has achieved its goal of matching and improving on GCSE results from the past two years, when the Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) and Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) schemes were in place.

Four pupils achieved a clean sweep of GCSE results with every subject (a remarkable 47 grades collectively) awarded at grade 9. Almost one in four pupils’ results were graded at 7 – 9 (equivalent to A or A*) for all their subjects.

Zain, one of the pupils who achieved grade 9 in all his subjects, said: “It has been a tough and tumultuous GCSE journey, but I am thankful that a culmination of my hard work and guidance from teachers has helped me achieve all 9s.

“I can’t wait to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology at the College for my A-levels. See everyone in September!”

Outside of the core subjects, some of the highest grades were achieved in Art, History, Greek and German.

All pupils in Years 9 and 10 who were taking some GCSE subjects early achieved grades 8 or 9 in subjects such as Mathematics, Japanese and Russian, with 88 per cent of grades achieved at grade 9.

Tom Lawson, Headmaster at Eastbourne College, said: “It is wonderful to see that GCSE results this year are up – with almost a quarter of all grades awarded at the top grade 9, our highest ever by this measure.

“We have succeeded in matching and improving on results from the past two years, which were marked under the CAG and TAG systems – indicating also that our teachers’ assessed grades last year were not inflated. 

“Having endured all the challenges of the pandemic as they began studying for their GCSEs, this year’s cohort of pupils should be especially proud of their achievements.”

It comes after Eastbourne College celebrated excellent A-level results last week, with over half of all grades achieved at A* or A – the school’s best ever performance by this measure for all years where exams were sat.

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