FORMER tennis tour professional and coach Suzy Larkin has joined Eastbourne College.

She has started work this week as the college’s Performance Tennis Coach.

In her time as a touring professional (2016-18), Suzy reached a career high of 620 in the world rankings and 14 in Great Britain.

She is the current Sussex County Champion and has enjoyed recent success in GB Tour events.

She played nationally plus internationally as a junior. Suzy is an LTA and Professional Tennis Registry qualified coach, and has many years of club and performance coaching experience at home and abroad.

Earlier this year, Suzy began working with some of the top players at the College as they trained for GB Tour events, and she made an immediate impression with her technical coaching and ability to instil good training habits.

Her supportive and approachable manner, as well as a deep understanding of the strategy and tactics needed for success at GB Tour level and beyond, have been invaluable to those who have been coached by her.

Living on site and working full time in the role will allow Suzy to be a consistent day-to-day presence for the top squad players.

As well as working on court individually and in small groups, Suzy will have oversight of the weekly tennis training programme, including fitness, strength and conditioning, and mental skills work.