EASTBOURNE Council leader David Tutt will join the COP 26 rally on Saturday in Eastbourne town centre.

He says ‘the future of the planet really is a stake’:

“Back in 2015, COP 21 met in Paris and 195 world leaders agreed on a set of objectives, key among which was to “try to limit global temperature increases to below 1.5 degrees”.

The actions that are required in order to achieve this will be central to the COP 26 discussions. Simply more talking will not be enough; we have the right to expect world leaders to take this opportunity to agree on collective action. To this end rallies will be taking place around the world to demonstrate the importance of this issue. I am often asked whether such rallies make any difference? 

I believe that peaceful and reasonable demonstrations to highlight the concerns that citizens have can only help to focus the minds of international politicians, which is why I will be joining the rally at Bankers Corner in Terminus Road at 12.00 on the 6th November. I know that it sounds dramatic, but the future of the planet really is at stake.”