IT isn’t the easiest subject to talk about…

But death is something that we all have to face up to at some stage of our lives.

Organisers of the Eastbourne Death cafe have announced six new meeting dates for 2024 at Dom Restaurant, 6 Grove Road.

Claire, Gazala, Ailz and Tony are the organisers, and this is their message at the start of a new year:

“Thank you to all of you who have supported the Eastbourne Death Cafe this year.  

“We hope you have gained from our evenings.  It is a fact, we couldn’t have the important conversations and make that little bit of difference in the lives and deaths of those that we do, without you!

“If we haven’t seen you in a while, we hope life and health are treating you with tenderness.

“We are delighted to announce that we will be holding six more Eastbourne Death Cafes in 2024, starting February. 

“Once again the wonderful Julio, Thusa and their team at Dom’s Italian will be allowing us to inhabit their restaurant and supplying those who attend with their delicious refreshments and food.  

“A special thank you goes out to them from all us hosts for providing the space for our Death Cafe these last two years, as well for their kindness, flexibility and sensitivity as we indulge in our discussions.

“If times are challenging we send you peace, love, light and the robustness to find your way through.”

Eastbourne Death Cafe provides an inviting, relaxing and respectful space for people to get together, eat, drink and discuss all things related to death, dying and end of life.

There is no agenda and everyone is free to talk, share and listen respectfully, as they wish.