A DGH Doctor is asking the public to fund 100 theatre hats at the hospital for staff.

Dr Iryna Rybinkina is an Anaesthetist at the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

She has set up a fundraising page asking the public to donate.

She said: “As the world is plunging into the second wave of COVID-19 and we are bracing ourselves for the impact with the deadly virus – our team at Eastbourne District General Hospital is working tirelessly to keep the essential operations going as well as looking after the increasing number of COVID ‘patients!

“I would like to collect the money to buy 100 theatre hats ( engraved with our names and roles – as seen on a photo of me here) to boost patient safety and the morale of our team!

Help me raise the funds and make our hospital safer and better!”

She warned: “I’m fundraising for your local hospital. No hate please! Just trying to improve the care we provide for the patients.

If you can contribute will be forever grateful. Thank you!

PS Since I started the fundraiser things got much worse – we are not plunging into the second wave – we are deep in it!”

The target is £1250.

Go to Fundraiser by Iryna Rybinkina : Theatre Caps for NHS (gofundme.com)