The introduction of a new digital system in the Emergency Departments at Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH means that paper is a thing of the past in the departments.

The Nervecentre system allows information about a patient’s visit to the departments to be stored electronically, with staff using specially provided mobile phones and tablets to input clinical information. This means a patient’s notes are always available to clinicians when needed and time is not wasted looking for paper notes. The system also gives an overview of all activity within the department and will automatically alert to any patient whose condition is deteriorating.

In conjunction with other parts of the Nervecentre system already in use on the hospitals’ wards, a patient’s notes will remain digital and therefore move seamlessly with them from the Emergency Departments on their journey through the hospitals.

The next phase of development of the system in the departments will see all other aspects of patient care, including investigations and prescribing, integrated in to the system so that all information about the care of patients is managed entirely via the one system.

Dr Shaymau Habeeb, Chief of Emergency Medicine at ESHT, said: “In the short time since we introduced Nervecentre to our Emergency Departments, we’ve already seen many benefits. The system is easy to use and gives us clear and accurate real-time information about our patients. Having all the clinical information we need easily to hand saves time so we have more time to spend with patients, which ultimately means we can provide a better overall experience for them.”

Debbie Guy, Director of Operations at Nervecentre said “The implementation of our Emergency Department software solution in the two Emergency Departments at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust was a great success and was only made possible through the hard work and dedication of the teams at both the Trust and Nervecentre. It’s great to see the software working so well and seeing how quickly and easily the staff took to it. I’m looking forward to seeing all the efficiency and patient safety benefits that come from their new ED system.”