THIS picture proves the Eastbourne DGH is placed in red and is at ‘at full stretch’

It was published in a national newspaper.

It shows the DGH’s CRITCON score is 3.

A ‘Critcon level 3’ alert is one of the highest levels of alert for an ICU which means the units are at full stretch with the hospital operating at or near its maximum. Only a level 4 alert is higher and can only be done with agreement of NHS England.

Three means in full : “Full stretch. “

Expansion into non-critical care areas (e.g. wards) and/or use of paediatric
facilities for adult critical care. Trust operating at or near maximum physical capacity.
• Maximum mutual aid between Trusts, with network and regional NHSE coordination.
• The prime imperative in CRITCON 3 is to prevent any single trust entering

Four would mean Emergency.

The picture does also show that the DGH is meeting its ICS nursing ratio. The Conquest in Hastings is not.

ICS levels of care require a registered nurse/patient ratio of a minimum 1:1 to deliver direct care.

This picture was published yesterday.