A Dog warden was ‘seriously threatened’ by three youths at Eastbourne Borough Football Club in Priory Lane.

Here’s Sian Ansell from the club: “All the CCTV information and witness statements were handed over to the police.

They will now deal with it.

The 3 youths tresspassed in the stadium and took a ball that didn’t belong to them.

Unlike the assumption of many the criminal damage happened outside the stadium to one of our tenants’ property.

The dog warden was also seriously threatened. There was clear intent to climb into our stadium without permission.

Regardless of anything else that happens – whatever is climbed over isn’t designed to be – so will deteriorate or damage over time.

There is a cost to us as a club to pay for CCTV cameras and the upkeep of them. The people that then have to watch the CCTV and talk over the tannoy when they should be relaxing with their families.

The people who then have to attend the stadium to make sure nothing has been damaged and is once again secure – should be at home with their families.

So you can defend your children or any children with claims of what they are telling you they didn’t do – but could you also focus on what they did do and what impact that has on the staff and volunteers of the club. We need to and we will continue to identify people who trespass on our property. Please please please ask your children not to break into our club!”