A DRIVER from Eastbourne says a trio deliberately tampered with his vehicle’s engine and added oil to the coolant while pretending they were interested in buying it.

Dave Church fears he was ‘caught out by a common scam’ and is hoping someone in Winchester Way, Willingdon may have caught them on CCTV.

He said: “My car is up for sale and I was caught out by a common scam yesterday at around 16.30.

“Three chaps in an silver Audi A4 came to view the car and while I was distracted one of them tampereded with the engine and added oil to the coolant.

“This caused all the lights to come on etc resulting in them offering silly money and saying only good for scrap.

“Told them no chance and they went on their way.

“I didn’t get the reg plate though and I’m hoping someone may have for this on CCTV.”

Dave says ‘everyday is a learning day’ and he will now get CCTV installed at his home.