Identity, one of the UK’s leading events agencies, has provided laptops to local school children to facilitate online schooling. 

One of the schools to benefit is Willingdon Community School that currently has almost 1,000 children registered.

Michael Gietzen, Identity said: “While Identity is a global event agency servicing clients all over the world, we remain very attached to our local Eastbourne community. We are acutely aware that this has been a devastating period for many and in particular the hundreds of pupils locally that are really struggling to continue with their education remotely. Children who do not access to technology are effectively excluding from online learning. We are delighted to have been able to help.”

Identity has donated laptops individually to pupils in various schools as well as a number of devices to Willingdon Community School. With the support of Identity’s software support provider, Astec Computing, all these laptops have been updated free of charge so that they are ready for use by pupils.

According to Ofcom, around 9 per cent of children in the UK, between 1.1 million and 1.8 million, do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at home.

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