AN Eastbourne family is one of thousands trying to house Ukrainian refugees but met with silence from the government.

Here is the mother from Sovereign Harbour: “I have sponsored a mother and daughter from Ukraine. We have filled in the visa application as soon as it was live and nothing has been done.
Can all this government do is party in lockdown, let desperate refugees stranded in poor countries that can’t cope as so many while the UK flap around, it’s pathetic. I am so embarrassed of our country right now.”

Lord Harrington says the visa process is ‘too slow’ as just under 10 per cent of 28,300 completed applications granted in two weeks.

On Wednesday, as Boris Johnson defended the government’s “overwhelmingly generous” record on refugees in the Commons, the Home Office revealed that just 2,700 visas have been issued under the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme.

Meanwhile, shells were falling near a makeshift bomb shelter in Kharkiv where several families are waiting for the UK to rubberstamp their path to safety.