EASTBOURNE Foodbank is urging us all to email our MP in advance of Monday’s crucial MPs vote on Universal Credit.

Howard Wardle from Eastbourne Foodbank said: “We’ve seen how the £20 increase to #UniversalCredit has been vital in keeping people afloat during the pandemic.

But the UK government plans to cut this lifeline in April.

We’re joining @trusselltrust in calling MPs from all sides to speak up in Monday’s debate.

Together we can create a #HungerFreeFuture

Email your MP and ask them to support this on Monday.

If you live in Eastbourne email caroline.ansell.mp@parliament.uk”

On Monday Labour will force a House of Commons vote on the looming £20-a-week cut to universal credit in an attempt to increase the pressure on the government to cancel it.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak increased two key benefits, universal credit and the basic element of working tax credit, by £20 a week during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic last spring.

The uplift was only expected to last 12 months, but charities and anti-poverty campaigners have urged the government not to go ahead with cutting the benefits while the virus is still raging.

Boris Johnson appeared to hint that he was minded to go ahead with the reduction on Wednesday.