Eastbourne shoppers shared their thoughts, feelings and concerns on the cost of living crisis last week as part of a day of action at the Beacon.

Eastbourne Foodbank held a pop-up event at Gather and invited members to the community to help with its campaign.

The local charity believes everyone should be able to afford life’s essentials and its campaigns team is working towards and end for the need for foodbanks.

There was a wall display in The Beacon where people could share their thoughts on the crisis.

Representatives from Eastbourne Foodbank spoke about their work and discussed the cost of living crisis with visitors. Shoppers were invited to complete a Trussell Trust campaign postcard, calling on the government to help build a stronger social security system to make sure everyone can afford the essentials.

Jess Holliday, campaigns and communications manager at Eastbourne Foodbank, said: “Families are facing unthinkable struggles through the cost of living crisis and we know this is only set to get worse as energy prices rise but we believe we should all be able to afford the essentials.

“It was really interesting to speak to the people of Eastbourne about this issue.

“They had some really valuable contributions to make. Many spoke about the situation being ‘terrifying’ and others said it was an avoidable crisis.

“We would like to thank the Beacon for allowing us to use the space and to everyone who supported the campaign.”