Eastbourne Foodbank has slammed the Chancellor’s mini-Budget on Friday.

It has posted online that it shares the concerns raised by The Trussell Trust CEO Emma Revie.

She said: “The mini-budget provides no additional support to help people afford the essentials. We are deeply concerned this will fail to protect people from needing a food bank.

“This comes as the food banks in our network continue to provide 50% more parcels to people across the UK in recent months than in the same period before the pandemic. That means an emergency food parcel is provided to someone facing hardship every 13 seconds, and this mini-budget will do nothing to change that.

“It’s wrong that people here in the UK are going without the essentials we all need to get by. As prices continue to rise, we will see more and more people forced to use food banks.

“The package of support offered in May was effective, and we had hoped that the Government would build on this at a time when the cost of living is continuing to soar. Opportunities, such as easing deductions on benefits – which push people deeper into financial hardship, have been missed.

“That’s why we are calling on government to urgently revisit the mini-budget announcement and invest in a stronger social security system that provides security every day, as well as in times of national crisis. For a start, the Trussell Trust would urge the Government to increase benefits in line with inflation. Only then will we be able to end the need for food banks in the UK.”