The local community is a huge support to Eastbourne Foodbank and the charity wishes to express its gratitude to the hundreds of people who make its work possible.

Rev. David Harrigan, the incumbent at St Elisabeth’s Church in Old Town, opens its doors to Eastbourne Foodbank every Tuesday. It is the newest foodbank satellite and volunteers from the church are a listening ear for people choosing their food parcel.

Rev. Harrigan said: “As well as working with the foodbank, it is about getting to know people and getting to know their situation and hearing their story.

“If they are on their own or they are limited with who they have got connections with, We also provide a wider space to be able to chat, to hear about who they are as people and how we can value them and love them.

“It’s been really good with the volunteers at the church that they’re able to use that time to really get to know people beyond the walls of the church and hear how they can support and love those in our parish.”