In October the UK government plans to cut Universal Credit by £20 a week- the biggest overnight cut since World War II, according to Eastbourne Foodbank.

It wants us all to write to our MP Caroline Ansell and protest:

“Put simply, the more MPs who speak out against the cut will be the difference between whether or not the government U-turns or pushes ahead. And that decision will have an enormous impact on millions of households. 

While there won’t be a vote in Parliament – the cut is a spending decision already made by the Treasury – if enough MPs oppose the cut, the government will rethink its plans. 

Conservative MPs are especially important because the government is accountable to its own MPs, and reliant on their votes to stay in office and pass legislation. As a result these MPs have significant power to influence government policy. Of course, the additional pressure from the opposition parties will also help to secure this outcome, and build pressure, attention and support behind keeping the lifeline.”

The pressure is increasing on Caroline…………………