WILLINGDON Athletic FC is looking to raise £5000 for a new minibus.

So far the total is at £170.

The minibus will be used by all football players so that those with parents who are unable to transport can still take part.

The club says: “Each week managers and coaches struggle to get players to matches, parents are working or can not drive and inevitably players are left out.

“A minibus would allow all players to take part without worrying about how to get there each week.

“We also intend to go on tour once the pandemic is over so again, the minibus will be essential.”

Willingdon Players will be taking part In a collective 1000km walk/cycle or run.

They have exactly 12 hours to complete this.

Each player is asked to cover at least 5km if on foot or 7km if on their bike.

Each team will do something different, many in halloween fancy dress, some with families, others with their team mates.

Go to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/willingdonathletic