WIN £50 with The Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour and Care for Carers Eastbourne Freedom 21 virtual balloon Race.

The Race starts at noon on 20/06/2021 and ends at noon on 21/06/2021.

The balloons cost £3.00 each.

Buy yours here.

For a lot of us the 21st June will be freedom day, we hope, but for many carers it has been so much worse.

Did you know that there has been a massive increase in the number of carers over the past 15 months?

Here are some comments received from carers. “The day centres and respite just vanished for my husband. It felt like I was just abandoned. There were no alternatives. I never realized just how much I relied on those places.”

“I’ve got really down at times. My wife doesn’t understand the restrictions. It makes it much more difficult. I have felt isolated and lonely.”

“It was really hard not having anything to look forward to. Night times are one of the hardest times. I try to get a good nights sleep, but my mind goes over and over things. I cant switch off.”

Help us help the real heroes who continue to provide care to so many people. Buy a balloon today. More information on Care for Carers. here:

Online paid entries must register their balloons 2 days before the race start date. Free postal entries are processed the same as paid entries and you will receive an email notifying you of your entry if your entry is deemed valid and arrives on or before 18 Jun. 2021.