THE owner of an Eastbourne car wash business fined for staying open in lockdown is preparing to reopen.

Eastbourne Hand Car Wash in Seaside, Eastbourne, was found to still be operating and was forced to shut by police.

An on-the-spot fine of £1,000 was then given to the owners.

This happened last November.

Now it will be reopening on April 12.

Eastbourne Hand Car Wash is hugely popular.

Ben Saber, who runs the business alongside owner Kleant Hoxha, said at the time it is “absurd”.

He said: “It would be fair if everything was closed like the first lockdown – but it’s not, you can still get clothes and go to McDonald’s.

“Next isn’t essential. Neither is McDonald’s – McDonald’s is a treat.

“It’s easier to come after the smaller, independent businesses. But we’re the ones that are struggling the most.”