Two Refill Stations have arrived in our town in the form of Dolphins. The company that makes them is Our Only World, based in Polzeath, Cornwall. These are the first ever sold in the whole world.

These are going to be installed in our town to help grow our network of about 70 refill stations. They have a small carbon footprint, being made in Cornwall, England. They are also eco-friendly since the plastic is made from repurposed discarded fishing net in Cornwall. Also, they are attractive and this fact should encourage them to be a popular place for refilling your drinking bottle.

These refill stations will be able to be located by the public using the Refill App ~ free to download and to use. Refill is a national network run by the charity ~ City to Sea.

Oliver Sterno, Coordinator for Refill Eastbourne and Community Leader for Plastic Free Eastbourne says:

“These refill stations are the first of many which will be available for people to top up their drinking bottles on the go. We are hoping to get rid of all single-use plastic bottles of water in our town and this is another small step in this campaign. Remember that the equivalent volume of water in a single-use plastic bottle of water costs 500 times more than from a mains water tap.”

One Refill Station will be set up near the Tourist Information Centre and the other will be set up along “Spring Water Way” which is the 16 kilometre-long string of refill stations all the way along our seafront ~ from Sovereign Harbour Retail Park to the East as far as the Birling Gap National Trust visitors centre to the West ~ this was also a first for us: the first NT property to host a refill station! These new refill stations will be ready for our ‘Eastbourne Spring Water Festival ~ Celebrating Water’. This starts on Friday 13th May in Sovereign Harbour and ends on Sunday 22nd May at Holy Well. There are over 30 different events. There will be something that will appeal to everyone. For details for joining in, please visit