THE Head of an Eastbourne school says it is concerning that children may be vaccinated against Covid 19.

The NHS has drawn up contingency plans to vaccinate secondary school children against Covid later this year, in a move that could help prevent school closures if infections rise after the lifting of lockdown.

The proposal is included in “core planning scenario” documents compiled by NHS officials which show that a single dose could be offered to children aged 12 and over when the new school year starts.

Any decision to roll out the vaccine to children in that age group will depend on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, the Sunday Times reported.

Mike Fairclough is Head at West Rise Primary.

He posted: “The proposal to vaccinate secondary school children in September is concerning.

Pfizer have a terrible history of being negligent.

The other concern is that the Covid vaccines are still in the trial period.

Adults should be free to do as they please and I am happy for everyone who has made their personal decision.

Children on the other hand should be left alone, until the medical trials have been concluded.”