THE East Beach Hotel on Eastbourne seafront is inviting residents to a new club starting on Wednesday.

And the first meal tomorrow, Wednesday, is free.

“Join us on Wednesday, 9th August at 12:30 pm for the grand launch of our new Fortnightly Lunch Club! In response to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and recognizing the importance of supporting our elderly community members, our Lunch Club aims to provide social support and comfort to our seniors who may have felt isolated or disconnected during these trying times.

We understand the importance of post-COVID socialization and of building a supportive network which is why we invite you to join us for this delightful experience filled with great food, warm company, and wonderful conversations.

Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where seniors can come together, share stories, and build new friendships. We believe that fostering a sense of community is crucial in promoting well-being and happiness among our elderly residents. If the event receives a positive response, we plan to continue hosting the lunch club on a fortnightly basis!
Please share this on to those who may be interested in attending, thank you.

We are offering a special treat for our first lunch gathering: a FREE meal!”

*Drinks sold separately*

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