A CHARITY which supports the LGBT community in Eastbourne is expanding its help for people struggling with their mental health.

BourneOut is offering specialist counselling to those in need of help.

Chair Betty Gallacher said: “Lockdown has been a difficult time for so many people, regardless of age and sexuality.

“Some will have been lucky to have help from family and friends.

“There are others who will have had none of that and it would have been an isolating time for them.

“Indeed, it may still be isolating as we come out of Lockdown.

“These people need to know that there is help out there.”

BourneOut is working with a counsellor from Brighton.

Betty said: “We are happy to fund this as long as it can be seen that the help is required.

“We are an open book and we just want to help others who need it.”

Betty can be contacted on 07855 796 466.