CUTS agreed by Eastbourne Borough Council on Wednesday evening include:

plans to reduce the level of maintenance in the town’s parks and seafront;

an increase to the cost of garden waste collections by £5 a year;

less frequent street cleansing;

and shorter opening hours for public toilets.

Here’s why according to LibDem council leader David Tutt: “What we looked at last year was a loss of millions of pounds in terms of the income we received from the investments we made such as the theatre income, the exhibition income, the conference income and our concessions along the seafront. 

“But there was also a reduction in the amount of money we received from council taxpayers – who were hard pressed as a result of covid – and businesses that closed, at least temporarily, and were unable to pay their business rates. There has been a perfect storm.

“I have also seen some of our long term tenants of our commercial properties, people who have paid regularly on a monthly or quarterly basis for many years, struggling because they have had their income switched off in the same way we have.

“That is not going to be something that is recovered overnight. It is not going to be something that is recovered this year or next year. It is going to take time.”