EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has been talking about the availability of local testing for Covid 19.

The government has been plagued by criticism that there are not enough tests.

Some people are having to travel hundreds of miles.

Caroline said: “The availability of local testing has been another challenge which I have taken on these last weeks. 

“I fully understand why priority has been given to those parts of the country with higher infection rates – and mercifully despite the move from Green to Yellow, we remain low – but the testing situation has not matched up to what is now needed as the school term kicks in and people return to work.  

“I am working with Public Health to establish a centre in Eastbourne and I hope to see that in place and fast. Updates to follow. 

“There are many important moves ahead, locally and nationally, let’s pull together to address the challenges and seize the opportunities too.”

She has also been talking about the new measures.

Caroline said: “This week started with new measures coming into force – the rule of six – which applies to indoor and outdoor settings. The new laws mean that social gatherings of more than six people are prohibited.  There are some exemptions, but if people do not adhere to the rules, police can disperse gatherings and fine people involved. 

“It is undeniably hard to have new restrictions imposed when we’ve been through lockdown and expect only to move ever closer to life as we knew it. I’m afraid such moves as this will be part of the landscape as we learn to live with the virus and manage the risk around the inevitable fluctuations in the R rate. 

“Social gathering have been restrained to create the ‘headroom’ for schools to return and the economy to restart and it’s imperative that children are back in class and we move to save people’s jobs. 

“On case updates a traffic light system is used and East Sussex has just moved from Green, ‘Outbreak prevention and containment’ to Yellow, ‘raised local alertness’.  What does that mean? Essentially it is still simply about those well rehearsed measures: maintain social distancing, spot signs, self isolate and order a test if you have symptoms and wash hands regularly. “