LAST Thursday Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell slammed the government for putting us in Tier 2 from Wednesday.

She joined three other local Tory MPs in condemning Boris’s big plan.

Now, two days before the crucial Commons vote, she appears to have backed down.

She now says: “Putting East Sussex in the ‘high risk’ tier for coronavirus reflects the uncomfortable truth that cases here are still rising quite steeply rather than coming down, as they are in England as a whole.

“For months we’ve had one of the lowest infection rates in the country. But we’ve never been insulated from the risks of Covid spreading rapidly in our community and we’re at a point where that may be starting to happen, with 136 cases per 100,000 of population over the last seven days.

“This is still below the national average, but it won’t stay that way unless we act now to reverse the upward direction the virus is taking in East Sussex. All of us have responsibility for what happens next.

Compare that with Hastings and Rye Tory MP Sally Ann Hart.

She said: “East Sussex should have been placed in Tier 1, and that the evidence for the situation we now find ourselves in is not clear.

I will of course analyse the economic impact assessments next week, but I fear, at the busiest time of year for many businesses in our hospitality sector, not being able to open could be disastrous. My support for the Government’s new tiering system is not certain at this stage.”

Her tone is very strong. Caroline’s was but is no longer.