Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has asked Gavin Williamson about tutoring and length of the school day in the House of Commons:

“In Education Questions, I raised early feedback from my local school leaders regarding tutoring. It suggests that tutoring is going to make a real difference, but there is some small concern that it can come with an opportunity cost in the school day, potentially affecting pupils’ experience of a broad and balanced curriculum, especially the creative arts and sports. 

I asked the Secretary of State: 
Is that therefore an important consideration in the debate about having a longer school day, especially if tutoring could prove to be the longer-term strategy that we need to address the pre-pandemic attainment gap?
The Secretary of State recognised that I had raised an important issue, and outlined that they want to look at how they can continue to make changes and improvements to the whole school day.

This will not only embed the tutoring revolution but will also ensure that other areas of enrichment are incorporated into any changes.”