EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says June 21 freedom Lockdown Day must stay, and Boris does not need to move it back:

“The Lockdown Roadmap is due to end in a little over two weeks and I know from conversations across town how much people are looking forward to the end of Covid restrictions.

There is a big debate raging over whether the 21st June date should be delayed because of the Indian variant. My own view is the Government must be cautious but, unless there is a big rise in infections across the country leading to serious illness and hospitalisations, then the date must stay.

Data from the Indian variant hotspots show that the vaccines are breaking the link between infections and serious illness. We have to live with Covid. The issue is whether there is a continuing risk of the virus overwhelming the NHS. The data suggests not and so it is time to start living again.

There is wider ‘data’ to factor in too. I am concerned about the untold damage in terms of untreated and undiagnosed health conditions, loneliness, broken marriages, bankrupt businesses, and children unschooled.

If the vaccines work, and it appears they do, then it is time to shift focus towards these very pressing concerns.”