OUR MP Caroline Ansell is urging us all to very think very carefully about plans for Christmas.

She said: “With Christmas a week away, there has been a great deal of focus on the five-day relaxation of Covid restrictions for the festive season.

The law says that three households can get together between 23 and 27 December. However, I would ask everyone to please consider their unique situation, particularly if you have loved ones who are elderly or vulnerable to the virus.

The guidance here is a bit like the speed restrictions on our roads. Yes, you can go up to the limit but, if the situation is dangerous, then you slow down or if the weather turns, you don’t drive out at all.

The Christmas bubble arrangement is a freedom which carries responsibilities.  I have heard some heart-breaking stories about people with terminal conditions, who perhaps know this is their last Christmas, desperate to meet up with relatives one last time. Many families have had a tough year and need to seek comfort with their loved ones too.  Others, however, see the vaccine roll out across the country and think, ‘why take the chance?’ when there are, hopefully, only months to go before the end of the pandemic.

Each of these are perfectly valid reasons to come together or not, none of this is easy and I hope we can all be understanding, not judge but trust people to make those decisions for themselves and their families.”