OPINION – Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell

I am disappointed with this week’s ruling from the Supreme Court on Rwanda.

We must do everything we can to stop dangerous small boat crossings and stop the human traffickers preying on those wanting to come here.

However, the judges made it clear the principle of deporting asylum seekers to a safe third country is sound. A number of our European neighbours are following in our footsteps on exactly this arrangement.

The Prime Minister said a new treaty with Rwanda – addressing many of the issues the court mentioned in its judgment – is being worked on and The Prime Minister has announced emergency legislation so Parliament can confirm that Rwanda is safe and people cannot further delay flights by bringing legal challenges in UK courts.

Rwanda is not the only measure. Our small boat numbers are down by more than 30% on the same time last year due to increased cooperation with France and a deal to return asylum seekers to Albania.  This is in contrast to mainland Europe where numbers are only rising.

The government remains committed to making further progress on this issue that concerns many people in Eastbourne and Willingdon.