EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has received the backing of the town after quitting government over free school meals.

Hundreds of comments have been made on social media about the decision.

Many believe she has done the right thing.

Howard Wardle from Eastbourne Foodbank is a fierce critic of Caroline but he said: “Well done Caroline for voting this way. You did the right thing. Now please encourage your hard hearted colleagues in the Tory party to have some similar compassion.”

Lord Brett McLean said: “Great work Caroline, supporting your constituents and not your Government, a true advocate for the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon. 👏👏👏 credit where credits due.”

Another strong critic is Mark Potter and he said: “Well done. I’m happy to credit when she has done the right thing. Let’s hope this is the start of her putting her constituents first.”

David Asher said: “Credit where credits due, she did the right thing for the first time in her career as an MP.”