EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says she thinks the Universal Credit cut should NOT go ahead.

She said: “On the uplift, simply put, I personally support maintaining the uplift but the government’s position – that this was a temporary award – still stands.    
The decision not to make the uplift permanent was made months ago but I have again restated my support for the uplift to the Chancellor. 

There is no debate and no vote this week which can overturn the Treasury decision. The uplift is programmed to end October 6th, having been extended beyond its original 6 months.  
In this light, I have asked that should the uplift fall as planned, that we provide a fund, such as the Winter Grant Scheme administered as before by the East Sussex County Council. This allowed a draw down for those in greatest need.”

She says she is fighting hard for the town’s people@  
“On wider UC support, I am petitioning for reforms including cutting the taper rate, increasing work allowances and re-linking Universal Credit to the cost of living to realise its full potential as a dynamic, empowering means to provide welfare and support people into work. This is especially key with the rise of inflation we have just seen.  
I will be working closely with local councils, the job centre and local charities in the next weeks and months to come to understand and respond to the situation on the ground.
I have witnessed how the temporary uplift has protected thousands across the town, throughout the pandemic and whilst I am pleased that in recent months, we have been able to exit lockdown and many people have returned to work or secured new employment, Eastbourne, as you and I both know, is a town dependent on tourism and is now entering its historic low season.  
Whilst the vaccine offers our greatest hope and protection from the coronavirus, I am also concerned about potential resurgence in the coming winter months and the wider impact this will have on the community and economy, although I do welcome the Government’s newly published Autumn and Winter Plan COVID-19 response plan.  
There are very many positive developments and investments happening in our town but I am sorry I can’t provide any positive news on the uplift today.”