ARE times tough for our Tory MP?

Caroline Ansell has confessed this week: “I’ve just had to drive my 18-year-old car to the scrapyard.”

She wrote online: “I was delighted to be invited to take part in the Sustainable Transport & Active Travel Summit last week – an event that brought together stakeholders seeking a healthier, safer, and greener way to get about.

I walked to the event. Admittedly my office is five minutes away and the sorry truth is that I’ve just had to drive my 18-year-old car to the scrapyard.

I’m going to see to what extent I can pivot to ‘active travel’. My ebike, “popular with women of a certain age” a salesman told me, may just clock up a few more miles.

Today, one significant stride towards encouraging sustainable travel has been the government’s introduction of a £2 bus fare cap, a move that has seen bus usage at near pre-pandemic levels and is an important support in the cost-of-living challenges we all face.

Equally noteworthy is the £41 million committed by the government for bus improvements – for more reliable and more frequent services, more environmentally friendly and to promote the take up of public transport. There is some concern about the potential impact of bus corridor proposals, notably along Seaside.

Town-wide congestion relief is the aim of the scheme, but local traders’ voices must be heard and any potential impact recognised. I raised these concerns of the local traders again this week.”