EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has confessed she hates needles!

Here’s her latest Covid thoughts:

“We have just broken through the million vaccine mark in Sussex and I’ve now stepped up myself. 
The vaccine rollout started in December and I have not previously mentioned this awkward truth, but I hate needles. Now I have only words of comfort from ‘the other side’ for those like me. I could not have been in better hands from the moment I stepped through the door. The process was seamless, swift and reassuring at every turn.
Whilst I was there, sleeves literally rolled up, I had the opportunity to speak to clinical leaders about the new challenges ahead and reaching the next priority groups. From that, I have taken forward a number of important points to make sure we continue to make great strides in Eastbourne and Sussex.
I’ve also spoken to leaders at East Sussex College and was delighted to hear how well the return had gone for students and staff. I am very much looking forward to visiting.
It was a really happy Monday when the first substantial lockdown restrictions were eased. Two households or groups of up to six people can now meet outside and the stay-at-home order also ended. However, people are being encouraged to stay local as best they can and work from home if possible. Holidays are still banned.
Outdoor sport facilities have reopened, including golf courses and tennis courts. Formal outdoor sports are allowed too and up to six people can attend a wedding. Normality is creeping back into our lives.”