Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has met with Old Town Guides to discuss her role in parliament and the constituency.

Caroline was welcomed to the 24th Eastbourne Guides at their community centre base by group leader Hannah Brooks.

The badge the girls are doing needs them to find out what the job of an MP is and how they represent their constituents in parliament.

They were also learning about voting, elections and democracy and Caroline went through it all.

“I loved the time I spent with the girls and their leaders,” the MP said.

“I told them how it was an NHS life-saving experience with my little boy that had actually brought me into politics and that my first ever campaign experience was with Save the DGH over our maternity services – before any of them had been born!”

Caroline said the girls had clearly put a great deal of time and thought into their questions. 

“I was very impressed and they were impressed enough to award me my Guides’ ‘Campaign Badge’ which I promised to pin to my jacket at a Prime Minister’s Questions. 

“I was particularly pleased with this success having peaked at Brownies, back in the 1970s!”

Caroline added: “I told them I was very proud to be their MP and hoped one of them would be one day inspired to follow in my footsteps.”