Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell says the New Domestic Violence Bill is ‘good legislation.’

She focused on this in her weekly update.

Here she is: “I was back in Westminster this week where The Domestic Violence Bill was in its very final stage before becoming law.  This Bill will do much to strengthen protection for victims and close legal loopholes for abusers.

Tougher rules around controlling or coercive behaviour, revenge porn and end the so-called ‘rough sex gone wrong’ defence in court cases became law when the Bill gained Royal Assent.

This is good legislation and I am glad to say it has generally garnered cross-party support as it made its way through both Houses of Parliament.

Sadly, domestic abuse has risen during the pandemic across the country. This new legislation is then much needed, it will punish abusers and, importantly, protect victims for many years to come.

In the run up to prorogation – which marks the end of a parliamentary session- the House has been considering Lords Amendments and Lords messages for several Bills as well as The Domestic Abuse Bill. These include: 

  • The Financial Services Bill.  
  • The National Security and Investment Bill.
  • The Fire Safety Bill.
  • The Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill. 

The House prorogued on Thursday when Royal Assent to all acts was signified. The State Opening of Parliament, which marks the start of the parliamentary year will be on the 11th of May. The Queen’s Speech will set out the government’s agenda for the coming session, outlining proposed policies and legislation. 

There will be a very busy legislative programme ahead.”