EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has been talking about a couple who claim they will be homeless within four weeks.

Yesterday we reported that an Eastbourne man whose wife has chronic kidney disease claims they will be homeless within a month and will live in their mobility car.

Dave Earl says they can no longer afford the cost of private rent in Eastbourne due to a reduction in benefits.

He has criticised the Eastbourne Borough Council housing department and MP Caroline Ansell for not doing enough.

The borough council has sadly not replied to our request for a comment.

Caroline has.

She said: “My office has been in contact with Mr and Mrs Earl for eight months. In that time, we have raised their case 10 times with the council and other services, so I feel my staff and I have done a great deal.  

We have offered support with the couple’s benefit issue but we received no response from Mr and Mrs Earl. Our understanding is that there is a standing offer of temporary accommodation for Mr and Mrs Earl.

Ultimately, we are constrained in what we can do as this is a decision by Eastbourne Borough Council. However, we will continue to lobby for support and continue to help Mr and Mrs Earl to the best of our ability.