EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has finally said that Boris must quit as PM.

She said: “With the Commons standards enquiry still to come, I have prized stability in the aftermath of the pandemic and although his political opponents may never concede it, Boris Johnson has led this country well and bravely at times.

The strong mandate Conservatives received from the British people at the last General Election still stands. Important legislation has been delivered in the last two and half years that will make a huge difference to this country.

There is still important work to come in the next two years of this parliament but I have had to conclude that Boris Johnson is not the man to take this forward.

Without trust and respect, there can be no leadership.  This last week’s revelations are pretty final for me.  The Prime Minister has lost my confidence. I also regret that through his actions, we have seen talented and dedicated ministers being lost from the government.

Such change as this is no small matter and I would never do it lightly but I urge the Prime Minister to do the honourable thing and consider his position.”