EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says we run the risk of a second lockdown if we don’t abide by the new rules.

Social gatherings of over six people inside or outside are to be banned from this Monday across the country as the government tries to halt a rise in coronavirus cases.

Caroline says it is of great concern.

She said: “I support this move but I understand what a tricky balancing act this is for ministers and for the public to deal with, but this is important to underpin the return to work and the reopening of schools and universities.

It is not easy to safeguard health while trying to save jobs and businesses.

The rise, most marked amongst the under-30s, has not yet led to a spike in hospital admissions or deaths.

So far, young people do not often become seriously ill from the virus.

But it doesn’t need an expert to see that this highly infectious disease can be spread to the old or vulnerable by younger people if we don’t act.

We must abide by these rules and any others the government asks us to do.

Failure to stem the rise in cases now could lead to another lockdown – perhaps even at Christmas – and no-one wants that.”