CAROLINE Ansell wants everyone to have their say on a new hospital for Eastbourne.

She said: “At home, the incredibly exciting news about the 100s of millions of pounds of government money coming to Eastbourne to build a new hospital has really enthused our town. 

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has already said it wants to work in partnership with local people, patients and staff to develop the plans as part of its ‘Building for our Future’ project. I will be doing just that and I hope everyone else does so too. 

The new hospital will give us state-of-the-art facilities and is a once-in-a-generation event that will benefit everyone in Eastbourne and beyond. It’s therefore important we get it right and we discuss openly and honestly about what is wanted and what can be delivered. 

So, I urge residents to engage with the trust and give their opinion on what they want the hospital to be. The trust has made it clear already it wants to hear your views, click here to have your say and over the last few years, it has done a magnificent job making the DGH a much better hospital and a centre of excellence too.”