Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell is supporting a cross-party campaign calling on supermarkets to highlight British produce by incorporating a ‘Buy British’ section on their online stores.

Most retailers physically label British produce, but currently there is no way to filter and view these items when shopping online.

A Buy British section would signpost shoppers towards British produce and support farmers and consumers choice.

So far more than 45 MPs have signed up, including Caroline.

“More and more people are buying their weekly supermarket shop online but it remains difficult for consumers to opt for British produce,” the MP said.

“If these items were collated for customers who want to eat British produce, then that would be a boost for farmers in East Sussex and far beyond.

“It really can be something as simple as a buy British button. It’s a good move, it will support our agricultural sector and I hope supermarkets will look into it.”

The letter has been organised by Bosworth MP Dr Luke Evans.