EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell is backing the government’s latest Brexit discussions.

She said the country voted to leave the EU and therefore we cannot still be governed by the EU.

Caroline said: “The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill, which was introduced into the House of Commons last week, had its Second Reading, Consideration in Committee Day 1 and Day 2 this week.

“There has been both misinformation about what this proposed law wants to achieve but also some important amendments made through debate. 

“At the end of the transition period, the UK will leave the EU single market, and to prevent new barriers to intra-UK trade from emerging, the government has proposed a new legal framework: the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill. 

“The UK’s internal market has functioned seamlessly for centuries, and the government want to ensure that this union of nations continues to thrive.

“After voting to leave the EU, we can’t still be governed by EU rules on how we trade within the UK in a scenario where we don’t secure a free trade deal with the bloc by October.”