Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell has welcomed several key announcements in the Autumn Statement following meetings she had with the Chancellor and ministers.

The Local Housing Allowance was on the agenda and Jeremy Hunt increased it in his Statement to The House on Wednesday. It means 1.6 million households will receive an average of £800 million of support. Crucially the allowance will also be for temporary accommodation – a key ask of several charities and organisations.

The MP also raised the triple lock for pension on behalf of the 28,000 older people in the town and the Chancellor today announced it would be maintained and rise by 8.5% or an extra £900 a year – one of the largest ever cash increases ever.  Working age benefits will be uprated by September’s rate, 6.7%.

“I was pleased to see an important number of the key issues I had raised for our town come through in his statement today,” said Caroline.

“I do believe the country has turned a corner following some challenging years around the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

“Forecasts said we would go into recession. We are growing. Inflation is under control and the national insurance cut we can now make from 12% to 10% will help put more money in the pockets of workers. 

“There is help for hospitality following the extension to business rate relief and the freeze on alcohol duty, a key sector for Eastbourne. 

“Cutting and simplifying tax for the self-employed is another very positive move. 

Making full expensing permanent so businesses can invest for less and offset their investments against their tax bills is a hugely important measure to power new productivity and prosperity and support for our businesses is vital.  It is our businesses that create the wealth to build schools and hospitals and to provide for the most vulnerable.

“And I would like to thank all those local businesses and charities who have worked with me these last weeks ahead of the Autumn Statement and to thank them for all they do all year round to create opportunities and provide support for local people.”