EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says it’s right to cut foreign aid.

Many Tory MPs are furious that the budget has been slashed.

Here’s Caroline: “There was a vote about the temporary reduction in the foreign aid budget this week in parliament and I spoke to the Chancellor at some length ahead of the debate. 
I have had concerns about this cut, although I do understand the country is facing enormous financial difficulties coming out of the pandemic and we are presently borrowing money for day-to-day spending. 
The crucial issue here for me is the government’s commitment to return to the 0.7% of GDP figure as soon as possible. Without this assurance, I would not have supported it. 
It’s also important to note how this government is still spending billions on foreign aid and spending on vaccines for the rest of the world is not part of this budget but extra to it. We remain quite rightly a major force in helping the developing world.”